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The Vienna Graduate School of Economics (VGSE) is the graduate school of economics in Vienna. It focuses on the training of PhD candidates in economics. The three-year PhD program is run entirely in English. The school started with an international group of students in October 2010.

Aim and Scope of the Program

The VGSE offers a broad, three-year PhD program in economics focusing on specialized field courses, research seminars where students and professors present ongoing research, and includes intensively supervised research time.

Successful applicants at VGSE have completed a high quality research Master´s Program with advanced courses in microeconomics, macroeconomics, and econometrics.

Graduates from VGSE will be able to carry out independent research of the highest academic standards. Graduates typically continue their carreers as assistant professors or post-docs in Austria or abroad or work in research positions within policy-making institutions such as the ECB, IMF, World Bank, OECD, or consultancy firms.


VGSE student Philipp Hergovich’s research extensively covered in MIT review and Austrian Radio Ö1

Tuesday, 17. October 2017, 14:13

A recent paper by the VGSE student Philipp Hergovich is currently receiving media attention from around the globe.

Bernhard Kasberger is entering the job market

Friday, 20. October 2017, 00:00

Job market paper: Can Auctions Maximize Welfare in Markets?

Anton Sobolev is entering the job market

Wednesday, 15. November 2017, 14:16

Job market paper: Information Exchange and Consumer Search

VGSE receives funding from Austrian Science Foundation (FWF)

We are very happy that the Vienna Graduate School of Economics (VGSE)

received funding for a large research grant

(over the funding period 2017-2021) allowing it to hire new students,

and have all students be able to attend...

Welcome Ceremony for New Students

On Tuesday, October 4, we welcome our new VGSE students Nikola Grga and Jurica Zrnc at a small welcome ceremony at 4.30 pm around the PhD College on 3rd floor.

Workshop on Auctions and Market Design

On Monday August 29 and 30 2016 Maarten Janssen and Bernhard Kasberger hosted a workshop on auctions and market design.

For details, see Auctions and Market Design 


VGSE students Makram Khalil and Pavol Majher win Young Economists Awards

Work by VGSE students Makram Khalil and Pavol Majher was recognized at the Joint Annual Meeting of the Austrian Economic Association (NOeG) and the Slovak Economic Association (SEA).

Makram Khalil received the NOeG Young...

OeNB Guest Professor Paul Mizen at the VGSE in SS 2016

Paul Mizen is a professor at the University of Nottingham, he is the first OeNB visiting professor at the Faculty of Business, Economics and Statistics. He is a leading expert in monetary policy and his research interests span...

Guest Professor Yuya Takahashi at the VGSE in SS 2016

Yuya Takahashi is an assistant professor at the Johns Hopkins University. He received his PhD from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2010 and worked at the University of Mannheim. His research area lies in Industrial...

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